Revitalizing & Soothing Multi-Peptide Cream


Increase skin elasticity, ​improve wrinkles, lock water, brighten skin tone lift firming.

How to use: 
Apply on face and neck every morning and night after toner.

Revitalizing & Soothing Floral Toner


Mild conditioning, skin brightening complexion, moisturizing, oil control, firming skin.

How to use: 
After washing your face with foam, apply this toner on face and neck twice a day, morning and night. 
1. Pour 2-3 drops on the palm or cotton pad. 
2. Gently apply on face and neck. 
3. Wait about 1 minute for the toner to fully apply before continuing to use other skin care products.

Revitalizing & Soothing Amino Acid Facial Cleanser


Superior extremely clean skin. Deep cleaning/solve oil skin problem/refreshing and moisturizing. Breathe freely of your pores/new experience of refreshing skin.

How to use: 
1. Wet the face 
2. Squeeze a little foam on the palm of your hand. 
3. Apply foam on face, massage gently for about a minute. 
4. Then rinse.

Asai Fermented fruit & vegetable drink


1. Remedy for constipation. 
2. improve/enhance metabolism (50ml*8pcs)

How to use: 
1. Drink 1-2 bottles per day, ready to drink product. ( Fasting drink it before breakfast and dinner 30 min) 
2. Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, children, menstrual period.

Green Jujube & Orange Peel Plant Drink


1. Liver protect before drinking alcohol 
2. Liver protect: Anti-Oxidant ingredient (flavonoids), reduce cellulite (TCI Enzyme) 
3. Patented anti-hangover ingredients
 4. Improve fatigue strength (15ml*15pcs)

How to use: 
1. Drink one pack 30 minutes before drinking alcohol. 2. Drink one pack after drinking alcohol. 3. Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, children.

Fermented Okra Probiotic Powder


1.Soften fat, helping he excretory system removes metabolic wastes from the body. 
2.Avoid fat accumulate in the body. (6g*15pcs)

How to use: 
1. 1-2 PACK 30min before eating meal. 
2. Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, children.

Multi-Peptide Repairing Lyophilized Powder Set


For sensitive skin type 1. Repair damaged skin (like sunburn) 2. Repair allergies 3. Moisture 4. Relieves dry skin 5. Reversed wrinkles, anti-aging 6. Ingredient from Switzerland, allergies skin and pregnant is availabe to use. 1 Box has 12 sets

How to use: 
1. Mixed powder & serum together 
2. One bottle open only can keep 3 days 
3. Recommand to put in refrigerator 
4. Using every day (day half of bottle and night use the remian half of bottle) /after sunburn